Eti Burçak & WWF - TV commercial

For Eti Burçak (the Turkish Nabisco) and the World Wildlife Fund I directed a commercial to create awareness for farmers to not over-irrigate their land. Because of lack of knowledge and a technical disadvantage a lot of Turkish farmes lost parts of their crops.

The commercial tried to direct them to a website (with an impossible URL) where they could learn more about the proper way to irrigate their land.


Client: Eti Burçak & WWF

Agency: Propaganda

Production Company: Interfilm Istanbul

Producent: Bahadır Arliel

Executive Producers: Levend Çağıl & Recep Duraklar

Director: Bas Dumoulin

Director of Photography: Uğur İçbak

Sound mixing: Suat Onur Ayas

Post Production: Özgür Yiğit for ABT Istanbul

Color Grading: Jano Fekete

Director's Assistant: Ali Can Zeren

Editing: Burç Alataş

Before - After

Since the commercial was to be broadcast before the harvesting season, it could only be done digitally. We built a small wheat field in a green screen studio and the majority of the elements came together in post production. Below you'll find a shot by shot breakdown.



Another peek behind the curtains: the original storyboard. (drawn by Yavuz Öztürk)