Turkcell's Gezenzi

Turkcell is the largest internet and telephone service provider in Turkey. In the days of Location Based Service Foursquare, Turkcell decided to call their own LBS service Gezenzi into life.

I directed two videos; one viral and one introductory video. Both can be seen below.


When the American TV-series 'Lost' came to an end I directed a 'Dharma Initiative' orientation film for Rabarba (the online agency I worked for at the time.) Because of all the attention Lost got, everyone was looking for previously unseen footage of the series, and our film went viral. Not only in Turkey, but many around the world saw my work.

Making of:

Of course, when you invite a celebrity over from the States, you'll have to create a making of...

Introductory video:

To briefly show the advantages of the Gezenzi service I was also asked to create a short enthusing film, without dialogue, to show different Gezenzi users come together through the service.

Making of the Introductory video:

O well, who doesn't like another making of?