(Alas! My action-figure is not available anymore.)


Why work with Bas?

My specialisation is in the interaction of live-action with digital media. Since I started out as an editor and became an autodidact motion designer / 3D specialist, I know all about most things impossible. Have a solid technical understanding of the film making process and was schooled by a couple of brilliant art directors in the field of design.

Comedy is my prefered genre of choice. A 'round' story and a strong concept is what I look for first. My added value is finding the extra emotional story in between the script lines and make it palpable.


Fun Facts:

• Established Rinkel Film Productions in 2006 with Reinier Selen to make the short film "de Fiets".

• Survived an elevator crash.

• Lived in New York during the 9/11 attacks.

• Lived in Istanbul during the Gezi Park uprising in 2013.

• The animated e's in the Heineken logo -- by my hand.

• Possess two nationalities: Dutch and Turkish.